Tips to Help You Defeat Imposter Syndrome in Your Personal Life

When you think of imposter syndrome, what’s the first thing to come to mind? 

If you’re like most people, you probably think Imposter Syndrome generally has to do with feeling unprepared at work or possibly being a failure in school. But did you know you can feel like an imposter just about anywhere? 

We experience Imposter Syndrome in our everyday life when we:

  • Feel like we can’t have friends over because we can’t keep the house clean enough.
  • Avoid spending time with others because we’re fairly sure they don’t like us despite every interaction which says otherwise.
  • We don’t date because we can’t find a ‘perfect’ enough person to date.
  • We are buried under home projects and hobbies because we’re trying too hard to overachieve on every single level of our lives.

These are only a few examples. You’ve probably already thought of several others. 

If Imposter Syndrome is bothering you at home, how can you best deal with it?

Start Listening To Your Friends

You’ve probably got someone in your life who’s already given you a compliment or two. Think about what they’ve said. Look for the reality in their statements. 

Forget the Joneses

Trying to keep up with the neighbours and doing an entire home renovation that is eating you alive? Forget it. There’s no reason why you need to make your life match anyone else’s. Create the home which suits YOU best.

Live Your Life

Sometimes Imposter Syndrome will hold us back to the point where we’re not trying new things or even doing the things we already like to do. This is because the imposter is always ready to predict your failure. Or worse, how you don’t deserve to enjoy yourself at all. Both these feelings can keep you stuck in place, merely existing and never having any fun at all. You defeat this by getting out and doing things. Pursue an old hobby. Take a class or a lesson. Go somewhere you’ve never been. The key here is to enjoy your life. Not to close it off further.

Allow Yourself to Grow

Imposter Syndrome will tell you things will never be better. In your personal life, this really can keep you from setting goals or enjoying your dreams. Ask yourself what you want to do? Who do you want to be next week? Next month? Next year? What are the steps you need to take to become that person? 

Imposter Syndrome can be difficult in any circumstance. The key here is to keep reminding yourself fear is never going to hold you back. It’s time to take back your life on every level.

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6 Ways Others Can Help You with Your Imposter Syndrome

Think about social media for a minute. In today’s world, we’ve already gotten used to sharing our thoughts with others. We post about our dinner plans and vacations. We discuss politics and religion. We even share hopes and dreams in a public venue for all the world to see.

Why then is it so hard to talk to others about your Imposter Syndrome?

The funny thing is more than 70% of people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Studies have shown that talking about Imposter Syndrome is one of the best ways to make it go away. With this in mind, the next time you’re feeling like an Imposter, why not try some of these various tips to help send it packing once again:

Talk About It

Recognize your feelings of frustration and failure for what they are. Say, “This is only Imposter Syndrome” out loud. The more you accept you’re having trouble, the easier it will be to send away. Now try telling someone else. It’s beneficial to share this with others as their feedback does help to validate your feelings and lift you again.

Take a Small Compliment

People with Imposter Syndrome have a terrible time accepting compliments. If this is the case, enlist a friend to help you learn how to take praise appropriately. Ask them to give you a small compliment. Practice saying “Thank you” without minimizing, excusing, or otherwise brushing the compliment off. 

Write Down Praise

Now that your friend has complimented you write it down somewhere, so you don’t forget it. This is going to be the start of your compliment file. From now on, whenever someone compliments you, thank them and write it down so you can go back and read it over when you start feeling down and can use the boost.

Now Try Bragging

Being able to recognize your accomplishments might be difficult. In this exercise, enlist a friend to listen while you boast about something you’ve accomplished. Tell them to react naturally. Enjoy their pride and congratulations.

Explore Mentorship

Having someone, you can talk to who’s been where you are and gotten through it can be extremely helpful. Choose someone who understands your goals. Bonus points if they’ve also had Imposter Syndrome and successfully defeated it. 

Mentor Someone Else

Help to build your confidence through teaching others what you know. Since Imposter Syndrome hates confidence, the very act of feeling more secure in your knowledge will help knock down feelings of being a fake.

By incorporating others into your plan to defeat Imposter Syndrome, you’re already ahead of the curve. It’s always easier to get things done when you have allies. Only, remember, turnabout is fair play. It might be they’ll wind up calling on you someday for the same thing!

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